GO Travel Show 2017 GTBF Seminar


Developing Tourism with New Technology

A seminar at the London Stadium, QEII Olympic Park, Friday 24th February 2017

In the last issue of GTO magazine I mentioned some of the things that had struck me at the World Travel Market in November, and in particular some of the innovation on stands from tourist organisations around the world.

I also dropped in on the technology area, and whilst impressed by the major steps forward in this sector over the past few years – with the explosion of digital technology and presentation of Travel and Tourism services on the web by airlines, hotel chains, national and regional tourism bodies, tour operators and travel agencies – I couldn’t find that much relating directly to the enhancement of the tourism visitor experience itself.

There is a wave of innovation taking place across many consumer-facing sectors, and certainly in entertainment and leisure you’ve only got to think of films, games and music and the way they support customers in getting more enriched outcomes from their activities. These days, it is likewise possible to put information at people’s fingertips and to bring to life destinations, historic buildings, museums and galleries and their collections etc. in new and imaginative ways, but the take-up is patchy so far.

At the cutting edge of this kind of ‘enhanced reality’ visitor experience, is British company Imagineear whose latest impressive achievement is the high-tech tours now available at the London Stadium in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which I was able to enjoy soon after its opening as the home of West Ham United Football Club in the summer.


I am really delighted that we are now working closely with both the stadium and Imagineear in hosting the GO Travel Show at the London Stadium on Saturday 25th February, and am pleased to say that we are holding a special seminar on the preceding Friday 24th February for group travel and tourism professionals. This will provide both the opportunity for attendees to enjoy the Stadium tour and hear about and discuss how it was created, and learn about other ways in which destinations and attractions are adding the benefits of new technology to their visitor offer and the opportunity to link specialist audiences with enriched insight and information.

This important event will bring together those responsible for destination and attraction development with experts in tourism insight and enhancement by the use of information presentation and digital animation techniques. It will explore how those responsible for attractions, historic and cultural collections, individual destination areas, and those offering specialist tourism themed activities, can take advantage of the latest e-technology systems and concepts to offer new and improved visitor experiences. Attendees will gain new insights into how to take their organisations and products into a new era of tourism. The content will include:

  • Tailoring tourism offers for a changing market 
  • Tapping into niche audiences by smart thinking on targeted information
  • Working with the best of new technologies to improve awareness and animate experiences

As part of the day, all attendees will be able to experience the cutting edge self-guided digital tours now available at the London Stadium and developed by leading UK specialist supplier Imagineear, and hear from the experts behind the technology now being used at other sites including Stadia, Museums and historic properties, and to support individual destination and product marketing.

I would really encourage all those responsible for the development of new kinds of visitor experience and innovative marketing to take this chance to come along and explore the next stages on the amazing journey in travel and tourism that is being made possible with the coming of the digital era!

Peter Stonham Chairman, GTBF

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