GTBF Summer Seminar 2017

Summer Seminar
set for June 2nd

What does a ‘digital offer’ mean for groups?

The theme has been selected for this summer’s GTBF afternoon seminar to take place on Friday 2nd June prior to the annual group travel awards at the Riverbank Park Plaza Hotel in London.

We will be discussing the important topic of how digital systems are affecting the way group travel buyers and suppliers do business, with a particular focus on the kinds of information that suit web-based services, and how the human element can be maintained in handling responses to enquiries and bookings through automated websites.

Our speakers will look at both more straightforward elements of group travel decision-making and buying for things like accommodation, entertainment and events ticketing and transport bookings, and more complex arrangements like tours and itineraries and other elements that make up the group travel experience.

Presenters will address both their own practical knowledge gained in addressing the digital challenge, and give expert advice on new ways of using digital systems.

There are still opportunities for speaker/panelist contributions on the day, and suggestions are welcomed. To book places at the event please go to the GTBF website or email   

The seminar is free to GTBF members but is open to all other industry professionals at a fee of £65+VAT.
However, if you are also attending the awards, the fee is discounted to £45+VAT.

Peter Stonham Chairman, GTBF

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